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Little Man Churns More Ice Cream Stores

When the Little Man Ice Cream Factory opens this summer, visitors will walk through a cooler and into an ice cream machine.

At least that is the idea behind the design of the 6K SF commissary and restaurant on West Colfax Avenue near Tennyson Street. Designed by architect Ted Schultz, who also designed the ice cream can for the company’s original location in LoHi, the whimsical industrial space is filled with round counters and elements derived from the inside of an ice cream machine, such as the churn blades. “The space is spinning just like the inside of an ice cream machine,” Little Man Ice Cream Director of Operations Loren Martinez said.

A conveyor belt acquired from a dry cleaner will move flights of ice cream to where customers are served. There will be a slide and live entertainment from a stage. In addition to the 6K SF shop and kitchen, where chefs make the brownies and cookies that are churned into the ice cream, there is 800 SF for coolers, including one that is kept at a frigid negative 30 degrees.

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